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  • ^ Purchasing managers' indexes (PMI):

    • A PMI index over 50 represents growth or expansion within the manufacturing sector of the economy compared with the prior month.

  • ^ United States Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index

    • A value greater than 0 reflects growth in the manufacturing sector, whereas a value less than 0 reflects a contraction.

My token Tiziran (TIZ) on Solana

Token name

Tiziran (TIZ)

Token address


Token Tiziran

My token Tiziran (TIZ)

Token Contract Address


Token Decimal:



BNB Smart Chain Mainnet

only 100 token available to sell

Interface: minimum data and functions required to make it a standard ERC/EIP smart contract

_value the _ shows it is a parameters

Constant is a variable that can't be changed

Mapping() function maps elements from a key to a value

Constructor() function that automatically runs when a new data item is created( initialization code)

Emit() function triggers an event (message to be sent out)

  1. New project

    1. ./geth --syncmode "light"

    2. Mkdir

    3. Truffle init

Truffle deploy --reset

Truffle console

HelloWorld.deployed().then(function(instance) {return instance} );

HelloWorld.deployed().then(function(instance) {return instance.getHelloMessage()} );

npm install @truffle/hdwallet-provider

  1. LinkedIn

    1. Start 10.April.2022




      1. npm install truffle -g

    5. ERC-20 (500K)

    6. ERC721: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT): 70K

    7. ERC1155: Multi-Token Tokens : 8K

    8. dApp

    9. Security:

  2. LinkedIn II


    2. solidity:

      1. docker run ethereum/solc:stable --help

      2. brew update

      3. brew upgrade

      4. brew tap ethereum/ethereum

      5. brew install solidity

4. Visual studio code: Name: solidity

Id: JuanBlanco.solidity

Description: Ethereum Solidity Language for Visual Studio Code

Version: 0.0.139

Publisher: Juan Blanco

VS Marketplace Link:

5. Online editor:


majority rules

validate transactions properly

computer nodes 51% consensus mechanisms

advantage proof of work:

  • anybody can attached machines and gain rewards

blockchain trilemma: 1- scalable/speed 2- decentralization secure

fastest: solana (arweave),


Hands on


1: install nvm: Node Version Manager

curl -o- | bash

nvm install 12

nvm use 12

nvm alias default 12

npm install npm --global # Upgrade npm to the latest version

2. install hardhat: Ethereum development environment for professionals

npm install --save-dev hardhat



  1. Coin Bureau: : TOP 5 Virtual Land NFTs!! BEST Metaverse Plays?? 🚀 #metaverse #land #crypto

    • sandbox

    • metaverse group buy decentraland: 2.43 M$

    • : cryptopunks, the sandbox, decentraland, cryptovoxels, somnium space, superworld, arcona. OVR

Top 5 Land

        1. bitcountry

          • create and personalise metaverse

        2. aavegotchi


    • it is virtual world in ethereum 2011 - 2018 -

    • open metaverse - the sandbox alpha - 29.11 to 20.12.21

    • require the sandbox (SAND) ~ 5$ (17.12.21) ~2.73$ (22.April.2022) ~0.58 (14.11.22)

  2. learn:

  3. learn:

  4. AI meta:

  5. Metaverse, Mesh, Open AI and more from Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021:

crypto 18.12.21 - 22.April.2022

  • Decentraland (MANA): ~3$ - ~2.03$ (22.April.2022)

  • sandbox (SAND): ~ 5$ - ~2.73$ (22.April.2022)

  • Axie Infinity (AXS): ~95$ - ~45.65$ (22.April.2022)

  • illuvium (ILV) : ~1136$ - ~514.98$ (22.April.2022)

  • star atlas price (ATLAS) base on solana : ~0.10 - ~0.023$ (22.April.2022)

  • wilder world (wild): ~3.67$ - ~1.15$ (22.April.2022)

  1. bitCoin : revolution to currency,

  2. DeFi, ethereum

  3. NFT

  4. Metaverse