Efficient Video Dataset Loading and Augmentation in PyTorch for deep learning training loops.


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Build Better Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) - Andrew Ng - 2021


Mixed reality


    • Kimera is a C++ library for real-time metric-semantic simultaneous localization and mapping, which uses camera images and inertial data to build a semantically annotated 3D mesh of the environment. Kimera is modular, ROS-enabled, and runs on a CPU.


System and method for providing advertisement contents based on facial analysis (WO2020141969A2)


The present invention relates to a system (100) for providing advertisement contents based on facial analysis comprising an image acquisition device (10) to acquire an image of a user, a face detection module (20) to detect face of the user in the image, an analysis module (40) to analyse the facial features statistically using classification models retrieved from a classification module (30), a database (60) to store matching rules, weighted advertisements and a plurality of advertisement contents; and a display device (80) to display the advertisement contents. The system (100) further comprises a computation module (50) to compute weighted image of the user and a matching module (70) to match the weighted image of the user with the weighted advertisement to select an advertisement content based on facial analysis of the user. A method of providing the advertisement contents based on facial analysis is also provided thereof.


  1. book chapter titled “Camera Calibration and Video Stabilization Framework for Robot Localization” in the Book entitled “Control Engineering in Robotics and Industrial Automation" which will be published (24/07/2021) in Springer.

  2. book chapter titled “Augmented Optical Flow Methods for Video Stabilization", In Computational Intelligence: from theory to application. (2017) (p18).

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  • CALTag: High Precision Fiducial Markers for Camera

  • Diatom Autofocusing in Brightfield Microscopy: a Comparative Study

  • Analysis of focus measure operators in shape-from-focus

  • Optical flow modeling and computation: A survey

  • Toward general type 2 fuzzy logic systems based on zSlices



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