According to Gartner: "Democratize Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML) by applying multipersona DSML platforms, bringing its value to an ever-larger audience of less technical experts. In addition, by expanding the use of a platform from a single business department across multiple internal or external business functions, insights and experiences can be shared more effectively, enabling decision optimization."

Have you ever thought about the power of automation? In everyday life, we often no longer notice the automated helpers. What if the benefits also impacted your working life? With our tools & solutions, we can accelerate standard tasks to a very large extent or even completely automate them. Valuable time left for you and other experts to complete further activities.

These are the top challenges that we’re solving for other companies utilizing visual inspection and defect detection:

  • The Accuracy of Traditional Machine Vision (causing false positives/excess scrap)

  • Align teams on a defect definitions and how to label

  • Monitoring of edge devices, fleet management, change detection, etc.

  • Identify defects on complex parts with rule-based solutions

  • Challenges to classify defect types due to ambiguities with rule-based solutions

we utilizes deep learning to improve accuracy and defect detection across a wide range of applications in industrial automation and manufacturing.

We developing a solution that auto-diagnoses issues in Computer Vision models and datasets, enabling ML teams to deliver AI models that perform well in the real world. We currently help ML teams.

We are Web & Mobile App Development company specializing in Staff Augmentation (React JS/React Native, Native iOS/Android, Python, Bootstrap), Digital Marketing and building custom digital solutions. some of the areas we excel in are :

AI, Machine Learning, IoT connected devices

AR/VR/XR, Metaverse, Advanced UX/UI

NFT, Blockchain (Advance payments B2B-B2C)

Enterprise/Consumer apps, Fleet tracking, Saas

We have developed an ML Ops platform that helps healthcare companies to push ML innovation faster and more successful. A key aspect is collaboration.

The benefits in a nutshell:

Leverage your existing ML development capacity by up to 250% via a multipersona development approach.

Remove any domain knowledge gap of your data scientists to improve quality and remove up to 75% risk of project failure -> btw. nearly 35% of ML PoCs fail because of domain knowledge gaps.

Get the best time-to-value with an integrated knowledgebase of hundreds of medical datasets and imaging AI/ML recipes, ready to use and all open source.

Our ML Ops platform is all secure, works on your premise and with high governance capabilities.